This is a patch for the Bandai/TOHO game Hokuto No Ken for the NES.  It's a complete overhaul to graphics and gameplay that fixes glitches, makes cheat codes and deathblows easier to achieve, and resolves the normally labyrinthine level structure.

Things that have been changed:

  • Full English translation with correct boss names (many translation patches and walkthroughs mistakenly refer to Souther as Joker).
  • Death Blows much easier to pull off.
  • Custom death screens for Shin and Jagi that shows a portrait.
  • Hidden Big Dipper Easter Egg power ups much easier to find.
  • Removed the power level requirement to have Lin guide you through the ridiculous stage labyrinths.
  • Complete redraws of all the stage graphics and most of the character and enemy sprites.
  • Completely redrawn ending.
  • Title screen based off of the Sega Master System version.

THIS IS NOT A GAME ROM. It is a graphics and code patch authored by me which must be applied to a file owned by the downloader. You can find this game at many classic NES game online stores. Enjoy!


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Thank you for this stellar work. I understand it's a whole another can of worms, but have you considered tackling the HnK RPGs? I have a soft spot for HnK5 on SNES, sure it's a kusoge, but it would be cool following that alternate reality story.

I am working on English patches for Hokuto No Ken 3 and 4 (as well as an overhaul hack for 3). They are just really, really long games so it is gonna take a while.

Awesome 👍

how do i add the .ips file to the hokuto no ken 1.nes file rom?

You need an IPS patcher. The one I use is LunarIPS, and I highly recommend it, but there are a ton of them out there, even online ones. I hope you enjoy the hack!

ok, thanks man its really helpful 👍