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An originally poorly-ripped rudimentary face-maker application for a discontinued bootleg console that I have fixed for more effective play on NES emulators. I will be creating further custom reskin modifications in the future, but wanted to start with restoring the software to its original intended look.


The Doctor PC Jr is a discontinued Famiclone-based computer system and ROM backup copier. Created by Bung Enterprises in Hong Kong, it was intended as an educational console for children, including its own proprietary versions of BASIC and LOGO language as well as several custom apps. The console wound up with a fanbase in the NES homebrew and hacking community in the early 00s, and bits of the proprietary software subsequently have been floating around on the internet ever since.

Because of proprietary differences in Dr PC Jr hardware from that of the standard NES, these bits of ripped software experience graphics and memory-mapping issues when run on standard NES emulation. This face-maker app in particular had many issues with over-writing its own CHR map, ruining the font and other gameplay elements. I've went in and remapped these elements to restore the look and functionality back to how it appeared on the original system.

I'm releasing this restoration as a bit of abandonware curiosity, and don't claim any rights to it. Feel free to build off of it in your own NES hacking projects. For instance, someone with more skill than me could probably extend the font further so it doesn't just cycle through the numbers 0-9, as some facial features have more than 10 permutations. Have fun!


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