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Basically made public the update I created for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Added some new scenes and items and monsters and all sorts of fun stuff!

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Hi Rani,

Am I the only one who discovered this yet ?

If so, you owe me a few tips ^^. What does the illusionist's spell do ? Is there anything beyond Chapter IV ?

I found what I believe to be a bug leaving me in a dead end of sorts. I attempted to go south from in front of the morgue which resulted in the "Insert Disk 2" screen, but when I click it it just gives me the "You Found Nothing" screen instead of sending me back. Clicking the new screen returns me to the Disk 2 message leaving me unable to continue without reloading the page and losing all my progress.

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Thanks for the heads up. Looks like it's doing the thing I mentioned in the game description about "ghosting" commands if you click on it too quickly. I'll try to come up with a solution in the next update.

Testing out the other areas that give the "Disk Two" display, which is meant to be a notation of where the demo ends, looks like the best course of action is to prioritize adding the room I have planned to the south of the morgue in the next update. Apologies that this glitch caused you to lose progress.

I've expanded the demo, adding more magic and monsters and rooms and stuff.

This is so well done, the game does a cracking job of oozing retro charm whilst also building up a creep factor in the background. I didn't manage to resolve everything and finish the story (if it ever does finish!), but I had a super fun time playing!

Keep up the amazing work, this was great!